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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a proof?

Proofs are low resolution version of the pictures that are taken during your photo session. They are unedited and unrefined, watermarked images that you can view to select your final image for editing. 

Clothing Recommendations?

1. Neckline -  if it's too low, or off the shoulder, there is a small possibility that you'll look naked when the final image is cropped. Of course, we can always crop differently, but sometimes, that will mean making the face look smaller in order to include more of the shirt detail.  Especially with social media's ever changing profile formats, it's better to maximize cropping options. Crew, Boat, Collared or Jewel Necklines are recommended for this reason. 

2. Patterns - if kept to a minimum or paired with a solid jacket, cardigan or blazer, patterns work. If they are bold, there is a chance that they will take over the headshot.

3. Bright colours vs. Neutrals - if bright colours are your preference, this is your chance to shine. A bright colour against a white or light background can really pop.  

4. Wear the clothes you love - wear the things that you feel confident wearing and that you like. It will come across in your headshot. 

How long will it take?

Generally speaking, a headshot session at the studio will take about an hour. 

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