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What should I wear for my headshot?

Remember picture day at school? Remember the preening that our parents did as we left the house. Always wearing our very best clothes, or at least what Mom thought was our best clothes. Only to find out that by 1:30 pm, when the photographer got around to my class, my knit poncho had fallen to my back and the neck was basically cutting off my blood supply to my head. And, ready? Smile! Click! Finally, in fifth grade my mother aquiesced and I was permitted to wear the clothes I liked best, which of course, was a pair of white Sergio Valente Jeans and a striped turtle neck sweater, with a small cross shoulder clutch bag.  Yes, very 1979 but I felt FLY! Here's the point: that year was, in my opinion, my best picture year. Hands down the winner! And why? Because I wore what I felt best wearing. If you're happy in your clothing, it will exude through your images. So that is rule number one! Be comfortable in  your choice of clothing. If you don't feel happy in your choice of clothing, it will be evident in the final image. That said, there are some considerations that should be taken into account. They are these:

1. Neckline -  if it's too low, or off the shoulder, there is a small possibility that you'll look naked when the final image is cropped. Of course, we can always crop differently, but sometimes, that will mean making the face look smaller in order to include more of the shirt detail.  Especially with social media's ever changing profile formats, it's better to maximize cropping options. 

2. To stripe or not to stripe - Speaking generally, it is usually better to avoid patterns for a few reasons. One being that they can overpower the headshot and take the eye away from the face. Another being that they can make your headshot less timeless. A pattern or stripe, can be like a timestamp on your headshot. Let's be clear, if you'd like to have your headshot taken annually, I fully encourage it! Really, fully. However, if you're hoping to get a few years out of this investment, than perhaps it's more ideal to be vague about the age of your headshot. 

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